Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So Emily goes to AWANA every Monday night....and at AWANA they learn a new Bible verse each week. A couple weeks ago the verse was ...a Savior has been born to you...(Luke 2:11) As you may know you have to teach children her age a couple words at a time till they get it right. So SLOWLY we went....but she got it pretty quick. So the final time I had her say it all the way through by herself. "a Savior has been born to you, and uncle Skisco, and aunt Brittany, Bryce and Emma"....she thought we had been telling her that Xavier (our nephew) instead of a Savior. TOO FUNNY!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The latest in the life of us Warrens

Holy crap! It's been almost 2 months since I last posted....guess I really have been busy! I have been having TS parties like crazy, going to different functions for church, trying to keep Emily entertained until school can start again, trying to keep the house clean or at least manageable, trying to hang with the girls, and so many other things........'tis the season, right!?!? Anywho, we got our first BIG snow (we're talking between 6-8 inches in the past 2 days) of the season and I am taking this opportunity to get caught up, at least a little anyway. Emily has been school less since October 30th....L-O-N-G story there, but hopefully there will be a replacement school SOON!

Work for me has been great. I have had quite a few parties in the past couple months, and 3 more this coming week. I truly have enjoyed getting into the business and seeing all of the opportunities there are for me!

I had a cookie exchange here at the house a couple weeks ago....WHAT FUN! I got some great new recipes and had great fellowship to boot. Can't wait till next year to invite MORE people and have a blast!

We have a new addition to the family.....

His name is Baklava...got that name at the shelter. We decided to keep it cause at the time he was pretty small, pretty sweet, and a little flaky...lol. He truly is the SWEETEST kitty I have ever met. The pic to the right is of him just chillin' on my "shelf". It has become an every day occurrence. The pictures below are of the way he shows his love and affection....he literally gives kisses on the lips and hugs all the time.

We finally got our Christmas tree up this week...only 6 days late. Usually it's up Thanksgiving evening....but it's up. Jay's schedule has been CRAZY and we wanted to put it up as a family, so we had to wait. Almost as soon as we got it up, a little someone wanted to see what it was all about and climbed up and found a spot that was comfy...take a lookSneaky little bugger! He scared the pee out of me. I heard some movement in the tree, but wasn't expecting to have little eyes looking back at me...at eye level. Needless to say we have decided to take extra precautions and REALLY attach all of the ornaments. We might have to leave the tree up till next year since it might take us that long to get everything off of it....lol.
Well I better get back to being a mom for a while. Hope everyone has enjoyed themselves, sorry it's taken so long to post!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


So for the past couple of weeks I have been SUPER BUSY! I can't seem to get caught up...but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have taken on so many projects, started a new business, gotten Emily envolved in a ton of activities, and I am meeting more people (which in turn means that I have more opportunities to do things with them). Monday nights we are busy. Tuesday and Thursday mornings we are busy. Every other Wednesday morning we are busy. Friday and Saturday we are busy. Sunday mornings we go to church...and then not much for the rest of the day. So I guess Sunday is our true day of rest a week....Until we impliment our get togethers on Sunday evenings. With Jay's work schedule being so CRAZY, we find it hard to have family time, but it does happen at least once a week.
As for my business....It is going slowly. But it is going. I am SUPER close to meeting my second goal of 6 parties by November 5th. BTW if anyone wants to host a party, feel free to contact me!, but only if you know me!!!!!
We just helped our church celebrate it's first year. What a BLAST! If you are interested, you can check out the website for the church at http://www.elementweb.net/ and click on the link for Pastors Blogs and then Pastor Jeff's Blog. Lots of FUN info about the past events along with a 5 min video about the past years happenings.
Well I must go for now. Love to you all!

Monday, September 22, 2008

a quick catch up, and a few tears of joy

So this weekend was a wonderful weekend for me. I got to take a trip from Cheyenne to Billings Montana for a Beth Moore conference! What a great time I had. I went with 5 ladies from our church and had a B L A S T!!! The trip up was one filled with beatuy and laughter. Watching the changing season get more in depth the farther north we went was amazing. The conversations were ones filled with questions to get to know each other better, along with some plain craziness. The conference was so much bigger and better than words can begin to describe. There were 4500 women (and a few guys) packed into this arena listening to one of the best speakers that I have ever listened to. Beth's way of intertwineing her life into her Bible study was phenominal! We laughed so hard that we almost peed our pants...several times. During worship almost everyone in the arena had tears flowing with love for our Father. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced....but believe me I AM going to do it again (in May of next year). We all learned a lot this weekend and can't wait till May!
Now for some tears of JOY!
This morning I am fartin' around on the computer, and I have K-LOVE on the radio. As I was sitting here deciding if I wanted to blog now or later, I heard Emily's voice coming from the other room. She had begun singing that song Amazing Grace ( believe it's by Chris Tomlin..I may be wrong though). During the chorus ("My fears are gone, I've been set free. My God my Savior has ransomed me.........") she sung with all of her might, and I lost it. I have never heard her sing any of the songs from the radio...but her voice singing the words to such a powerful song, made my tears flow like there was no tomorrow. I couldn't help but to be reminded of the great Father we have and that he truly knows how to bring us to our knees, weither through tears of sadness or JOY.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Morning Music

So it's gonna be short this morning....
The first thing Emily asked for this morning was her microphone. Usually it's cartoons, food or nothing at all....but for some strange reason, she wanted her microphone. We bought it for her a couple years ago. It plays music and allows the child to sing into it while the music plays. It's pretty cute, but dang, it's early!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1st day of preschool.....

So the time has come. Emily started preschool yesterday. I think she was totaly psyched because she wore her backpack around the house for an hour and a half before we left. When we got to the school, she took off her backpack and ran to the toys....leaving me behind to pick up after her and then call her to say bye. But she did great. The teacher said that there was no sort of transition issue, because she just jumped in. They only had one kind of small issue with Emily. She kept taking off her shoes. That wouldn't be a big issue but they had a fire drill and they couldn't find her shoes. So on the way home I bought some new tennies that have to be tied. I hope this works for her.

As for the rest of our lives, we have been super busy. We had everyone up for Emily's 3rd b-day and then 2 days later we left for Missouri to help with my mothers house that flooded because of a water pipe leak. Then it's been non stop since we got back home. I do promise to get a couple blogs up about the past few weeks soon!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

taking money from strangers....

So this morning Emily and I were at Wal Mart getting the last of our shopping done for the weekend, and we had something weird and unexpected happen. We were standing in by the bananas when this older couple said hello to Emily. I prompted her to respond and she gave a wave along with her quiet hi. As I turned to tell them to have a great day, they told me to bring that "little beauty" over so they could see her up close. So I did. As we walked closer I realized that the wife was holding a dollar bill in her hand. I said that they didn't have to do that and they wouldn't take no for an answer. So I let Emily reach out and take the money, and when she did she said thank you. They explained that they were tickled to have her say hello to them earlier and that they wanted to do something special for her. Then they went into the story of how they have one son, 2 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren who love 685 miles away, and that they felt the need to spoil a little...so they did. Emily held on to that dollar with all of her might until she decided to put it in her pocket. She even offered to pay for the groceries...